Sean O’Brien’s collection Europa comes at a fitting time for a poetic exploration of European and British identity. It’s a heavy read, moving across the continent, but still retaining the ability to focus in on the details in breathtaking and meaningful ways. The collection opens with ‘You Are Now Entering Europa’ – a title whichContinue reading “Europa”

Selected Poems by Kate Clanchy

  It is the delicacy with which she transforms the mundane that makes Clanchy one of my favourite poets and this selection opens with ‘Slattern’ from her debut collection of the same name. In terms of the sequencing of the collection, this is a beautiful note on which to open, where she explores the notionContinue reading “Selected Poems by Kate Clanchy”

The Bricks that Built the Houses

I’ll start by admitting something – I really wanted to dislike this book. Not because I’m not a fan of Kate Tempest’s work – I find her performance style invigorating and was swept away by the anger in the voice of Let Them Eat Chaos. So, why was I so keen to find fault? Jealousy? Resentment?Continue reading “The Bricks that Built the Houses”

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'She would say to discover / the true depth of a well, / drop a stone, / start counting.' - Andrew Greig