Dostoyevsky Wannabes Cities: Bristol Review

If you’ve not yet encountered Dostoyevsky Wannabe, I’d highly recommend them. A small, independent press based in Manchester, they’re at the vanguard of accessible, innovative literature, producing work at a prolific rate (51 books in four years) One of their more popular projects is the Cities series, where they invite poets to collaborate to produceContinue reading “Dostoyevsky Wannabes Cities: Bristol Review”

Surplus to Requirements

                Marius stands impotent. His delicate neck cranes high into the sky. Behind, his family wait in regimented lines. Motionless; conditioned – Helpless. Beneath them all, the world carries on as Marius awaits his fate. Some will stop and gaze, watching the spectacle so they can say “IContinue reading “Surplus to Requirements”

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'She would say to discover / the true depth of a well, / drop a stone, / start counting.' - Andrew Greig